Small Acts of Great Love


Love grows by each good deed we do, no matter how tiny it might seem.  Chan Khong, a fourteen-year-old girl in Vietnam, wanted to help the poor, hungry children in the local slums.  She began by going to her neighbors and asking them to each put aside just three handfuls of rice a day for the hungry children.  With this tiny beginning, she was able to develop a program of care that, seven years later, had ten thousand people working in it.  Chan Khong said, “Do not despise the small act.  Every small act, if you do it deeply, profoundly, can touch the whole universe.  Millions of small acts will build a wonderful world.”


One kind deed can make a big difference.  Look for the little things.  Do the little things.  They carry much beauty and strength.  They can change our world.


Sr. Joyce Rupp