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Welcome to our News page.  This page includes news about HopeToday.  We like to keep you up to date on our activities and services.  

2000 - 2006 News & Events

November 19, 2006 "Ngon Nen Yeu Thuong" Concert

HopeToday and three other nonprofit organizations (Education for the Poor, Friends of the Poor
Association & Teresa Charities) organized a concert on November 19, 2006 at Santa Ana High School
Auditorium in Santa Ana, CA to raise funds for charitable projects in Viet Nam, especially for the victims of the recent Typhoon Xangsane.  These four organizations sent a total of $5600 to the typhoon victims to help them rebuilding their lives.  Thank you ALL for your support, participation and donations.





November 10, 2006 Typhoon Relief Fundraiser by VAAPA

The Vietnamese American Aerospace Professional Association (VAAPA) had a fundraiser "Lá Lành Đùm Lá Rách" to help the recent typhoon victims in Vietnam on October 10, 2006 in Stanton, CA. It was very successful event with members and friends donated $6270 to this noble cause.  Hopetoday worked with VAAPA in distributing these donations to the victims in Vietnam. The relief effort was accomplished in December 2006 and January 2007 in Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam Da Nang, and Ben Tre. A big Thank You to VAAPA for your generosity and kindness.

Please click on these links for pictures:

Typhoon Sangxane Relief in Nam Dong, Thua Thien Hue

Typhoon Durian Relief in Binh Dai, Ben Tre


October 28, 2006 Garage Sale Fundraiser

HopeToday participated in the Garage Sale Fundraiser on October 28, 2006 at Nguoi Viet Daily News in Westminster with other three nonprofit organizations: SAP-VN, VAALA & VACF.  Thank you for your help and donations.

Please click on this link for Garage sale Fundraiser on October 28, 2006


September 16, 2006 Car Wash Fundraiser

HopeToday organized a car wash fundraising event on Saturday, September 16, 2006 at the Mobil Gas Station on the corner of Brookhurst St and Warner Ave in Fountain Valley, CA. We received a total of $628.00 in donation. All proceeds will go to our charitable and humanitarian projects to help the needy in Vietnam. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and support! Please click on the link below for pictures.

September 16, 2006 Carwash fundraising pictures


September 3, 2006 Hoang Viet Khanh Musical Concert

Long Beach, CA - A musical concert was held in University Theater at California State University, Long Beach by Musician Hoang Viet Khanh. Thanks to Musician Hoang Viet Khanh, HopeToday was able to participate in selling the tickets and earn 75% of the profit for every ticket that we sold.  HopeToday got an amount of $450.00 for our participation.  Yeah Team! 

May-June 2006 Humanitarian Trip to Vietnam

Tien Manh Pham, Hopetoday volunteer from Little Rock, AR, was on a humanitarian trip in Viet Nam with another HopeToday volunteer Hoang Anh.  Tien and Hoang Anh visited and helped the disabled, the blinds, orphans and elderly in Dong Nai, Can Gio, Sai Gon and Vung Tau. 


May 6, 2006 "Tinh Vao Xuan" Recognition Dinner

Costa Mesa, CA - A recognition Dinner was held to recognize many of the people who have helped make the Tinh Vao Xuan Event a success.  We had a fun evening with the performers, musicians and friends from Pho Nhom Club.  Mr. Dinh Tan Bui, our volunteer also shared his stories in doing charity work for HopeToday in Viet Nam.  Many guests came home with a star.  No, it was not a star from the Hollywood "Walk of Fame" but it was a "Star Award" for their "Walk of Contribution".  If you received one, we hope that the special star will be a souvenir you can be proud of in helping others through HopeToday.       

Please click on link below to view pictures taken by our volunteer, Mrs. Thu Thuy Doan Trinh: 



May 6, 2006 Car Wash Fundraiser 

Fountain Valley, CA - HopeToday continued the fundraising momentum from April by doing another Car Wash.  We all came out together at the Mobil Gas Station on Brookhurst and Warner to wash cars.  The work was tired but the spirit was awesome.  We raised $1221.00 to be used for our many charitable projects.  Again, thank you everyone who came out to support us, especially Cindy Hua, Di Tan & Tram, Di Mai, Bac Loan, Bao Dang, Loc Dang, Binh Nguyen, Henry Tu, Thoa Nguyen, Katherine Le, Minh Nguyen, Tom Vu, Melanie Luong, Khanh Vo, Tue Phuong from Education For The Poor and the caring youths: Andrew, Nicholas, Francis, Alex, Andy, Catherine and Michael.

Please click on the link below for pictures of the fundraiser:



April 1, 2006 "Tinh Vao Xuan" Musical and Painting/Photography Exhibition Fundraiser

Westminster, CA - HopeToday hosted a musical event "Tinh Vao Xuan" (Love in the Spring) at Nguoi Viet Daily News Activity Room.  The evening was filled with excellent entertainment by many singers and musicians.  We also had an exhibition of paintings by Artist Le Thuy Vinh and photographs by Pho Nhom Club (http://phonhomclub.com).  We had a good crowd and received positive feedbacks about the program.  HopeToday collected a total of $5447.00 in donations including $1170.00 from sales of Pho Nhom Club’s photographs and $550 from silent auction of Artist Le Thuy Vinh’s paintings.  The musical program included the following performers:

Singers: Tuan Dung, Thanh Mai, Nhat Ha, Huan Ngu, Thuy Mai, Hong Duyen, Nam Hai, Ngoc Thuy and NguyetHan 

Musicians: Dinh Trung Chinh, Nguyen Duc Cuong, Ngo Tin, Hoang Viet Khanh, Nguyen Khanh, Dino Pham Hoang Dung, Ngoc The, Khanh Hiep and Le Thang.

MC: Anh Dao

HopeToday would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and everyone for making this a wonderful event.  Our appreciation goes to all the performers listed above, artist Le Thuy Vinh for the paintings, Pho Nhom Club for the photographs, Allen Vo for taking care of the sound system, Quoc Bao for the banners for the show, Mr. & Mrs. Dang Tran Hoa & Nguyen Thi Am from Nguoi Viet Daily News, Ha Lien & Duyen Anh & Hoa for helping with the CDs, Duyen Vo & Tuan Le for the soup, Anne Tuyet Le for the dessert, Phuong & Hoa Luong for the Tiramisu cake and Leanne Hoang’s family, Andrew Nguyen,  Nicholas Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Kent Dang’s family, Mai Trang, Tom Vu and Thu Luong for helping out with the set-up.  We also would like to thank Nguyen Truong of VNCR Radio, Giang Ngoc of SBTN Television Network and Nguoi Viet Daily News for your help in promoting the event.  And lastly, to all of the HopeToday Volunteers for your hard work, compassion and on-going dedication!    

For pictures, please click on the below links:




For detailed information on the event, please click on the flyer.


March 2006 Humanitarian Trip to Vietnam

Ty Thi Tran, Hopetoday volunteer from Santa Rosa, CA, was on a humanitarian trip in Viet Nam with three other HopeToday volunteers: Dinh Tan Bui, Son Kim Ho and Hoang Anh.  The trip started on Mar 26, 2006.  They visited and helped the disabled, the blinds, orphans, elderly, poor students and families in My Tho, Ben Tre, Sai Gon, Binh Phuoc, Vung Tau and Da Lat. 

Please click on below links for pictures of the trip:






Vietnamese New Year Festival Food Booth Fundraiser January 27-29, 2006

With the help of many volunteers the food booth fundraiser at the Vietnamese New Year Festival in Garden Grove, CA on January 27-29, 2006 was a great success.  A total of $1543.00 was raised for our charitable programs in Vietnam.  Thank You All for participating, making donation and helping, especially Aunt Mai, Lisa Truong & Ben Nguyen, Anne Tuyet Le, Katherine Le & Minh Nguyen, Tina Luong, Trang & Hạnh Duong, Hue, Duyen Vo & Tuan Le, Aunt Van, Cindy Le & Toan, Khanh & Phuong Dang,, Randy Johnstone, Nick Pham, Tuyet Anh Nguyen, Nga Tran, Phuong Luong, Hank, Henry & Thang Duong.

Please click on the below link to see more pictures:



December 2005 Humanitarian Trip

In December 2005 a group of HopeToday volunteers and donors visited and provided help and comfort to the elderly, orphans, disabled, HIV/AIDS patients, and poor students in Ben Tre, My Tho, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Hue, Quang Tri, and Nghe An. Besides visiting and helping out the current HopeToday projects, the group provided free medical checkups in Nghe An. Please click on the links below for this humanitarian trip pictures.

12/19/05 - Visited  S'tieng student in Binh Phuoc

12/21/05 - Visited scholarship recipients, poor students and family, and disabled at Vat Do Song Huong, Hue


12/21/05 - Visited the Elderly Sister in Hue

12/22/05 - Visited the Elderly, HIV/AIDS patients, the poors, and Hopetoday scholarship recipients in Hue


12/22/05 - Visited the Blind Youths in Quang Tri


12/23/05 - Visied the kindergarten in Quang Tri


12/26-28/05 - Provided free medical services in Nghe An

12/30/05 - Helped the elderly and poors in My Tho

12/30-31/05 - Visited the Hopetoday scholarship recipients and their families in My Tho and Ben Tre


12/31/05 - Visited and helped the elderly in Phu An Hoa Ben Tre



12/31/05 - Visited the Elderly Sister and Poor families in Cai Nhum, Ben Tre

01/01/06 - Visited the Orphanages Nha Tinh Thuong Phap Hoa Dong Nai at SaiGon



November 20, 2005 Walk-A-Thon for Damrey Hurricane Victims

HopeToday volunteers joined the Walk-A-Thon for the Damrey Hurricane Victims at Mile Square Park on November 20, 2005.


November 11, 2005 - Karaoke Night with the Theme “Love for All” 

Westminster, California – On November 11th, 2005, Hope Today hosted a Karaoke Night Event at Vien Dong Newspaper Conference Room.  The program was announced on Little Saigon Radio in the morning.  It was a free admission event with complimentary food and beverages.  We had fun singing and enjoying each other’s company.  We also displayed some photographs called “Hope Pictures” taken by HopeToday volunteers Dr. & Mrs. Sam & Lien-Huong Hanlon during their visit to Viet Nam.  A total of $1512 was collected through general donations and through the purchases of the “Hope Pictures”.  We also welcomed a journalist from Nguoi Viet Newspaper, who was there to interview HopeToday about our work and mission.

We appreciate everyone’s help in making this event successful.  Special thanks to Ngoc The, who wrote the song “Gui Em Niem Tin” (Sending You Faith) which had made the event more meaningful.  The song is available on our Reflections Page.   We also want to recognize Nguyet Han & Hoan Nguyen, Allen Vo, Khai & Ana Vu, Tuan Dung, Duyen & Tuan Le, Oanh Tran and Bach Tran for your effort and support.

A big thank you to Golden Trophy and Awards (www.Goldentrophyawards.com) for donating a trophy to HopeToday for this event. 

Please lick on this link to see our flyer for the event.

Please click here to view the article about HopeToday from Nguoi Viet Newspaper.

Please click on this link to view our pictures from the Karaoke Night.


October 15,  2005 Car Wash Fundraiser  

We had our second carwash fundraiser this year at Mobil Station in Fountain Valley, California on October 15, 2005.  We were able to raise $820 for our charitable projects.  It was a good way for us to go out there and do something meaningful so we can continue our mission to help the poor.  Thank you so much for everyone who had participated in this event and for those who have contributed financially.  We couldn’t have done it without your support!


July 2005 Humanitarian Trip to Viet Nam

In July 2005 two HopeToday volunteers, Ty T. Tran of Santa Rosa, CA and Tien M. Pham of Little Rock, AR, visited and provided help and comfort to the elderly, orphans, disabled and HIV/AIDS patients.  A special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Kim & Nick Pham, Mrs. Man Tran and Mr. Brian Quang Phan for donating medical supplies for the trip.


HopeToday Amigos in Mexico

This pass summer in June, two HopeToday volunteers joined Phan Boi Chau Youth Organization to visit the “Door of Faith” Orphanage in La Mision, Mexico.  We brought clothes, toys, school supplies, and snacks to the children.  It was quite an experience for us as we found that even though we brought material items, what the children needed more was companionship.  Although we could not communicate with each other in our languages, smiles and love were a universal language.  Thank you all for your donations.  It was a great opportunity for us to be sharing our time with the young children. HopeToday Amigos in Mexico - by Paul Nguyen  

May 28, 2005 Trip to Viet Nam

One of our volunteers Dinh Tan Bui visited and brought help to the poor students, elderly, families, and local clinic in My Tho and Ben Tre.



May 7, 2005 Car Wash Fundraiser

Our car wash fundraiser in Fountain Valley, CA was a success due to many who came out to help and support.  A total of $1512.00 was raised for the needy.  Thank you to Kent Khoa Dang for leading the fundraiser effort.  Besides the HopeToday’s volunteers many supporters and friends came to help washing cars, donated money and brough food and drinks making the car wash fundraiser a fun and family-oriented event.  Many young adults and youths also contributed by helping making signs, holding signs and washing cars.  All donations from the fundraiser will be used in our charitable projects in Viet Nam.  THANK YOU for your support in bringing help, love and hope and making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.


 April 2005 Humanitarian Trip to Help the Orphans

In April 2005 Mrs. Nhan Vu went on a humanitarian trip to Viet Nam to help the orphans.  Mrs. Vu brought aid and medical supplies to the orphanage in Dong Nai.  Donations for the trip were made by our frequent and generous benefactors, Drs. Hien & Tien Pham of San Jose, CA and Mr. & Mrs. Katherine Le and Minh Nguyen of Huntington Beach, CA.   Thank you Mrs. Nhan Vu, Drs. Hien & Tien Pham and Mr. & Mrs. Katherine Le and Minh Nguyen for your kindness, generosity and sacrifices.

February 2005 Newsletter

HopeToday had sent out the February 2005 newsletters to our benefactors.  If you would like to receive a copy of our newsletter, please contact us.

February 2005 Trip to Viet Nam

One of our volunteers Dinh Tan Bui visited and brought help to the poor students, elderly, and families in My Tho and Ben Tre during the Tet festival.



2004 News & Events

December 2004 - One of our volunteers Dinh Tan Bui visited Viet Nam in December 2004.  His mission was to help the disabled and elderly in Ben Tre, the orphans in Sai Gon and the victims of the recent flood in Central Vietnam.  Thank you to all the donors for making these humanitarian trips possible.  Your support is bringing Love, Hope and Help to the needy in Vietnam.



December 3rd, 2004 "Tinh Vao Dong" Musical Fundraiser Event

The December 3rd, 2004 "Tinh Vao Dong" live musical entertainment fundraiser for HopeToday was a great success.  The event was held at Vien Dong News in Little Saigon, California.  The program was organized by musician Dinh Trung Chinh and his fellow musicians Nguyen Duc Cuong, Ngo Tin, Hoang Viet Khanh, Nguyen Khanh, Dino Pham Hoang Dzung, Tuan Dzung, Nhat Ha and Nguyet Han.  The audience was treated to a night of entertaining and wonderful music for a good cause.  A total of $3114.00 in donations was raised for the needy in Vietnam.  THANK YOU to the musicians for donating your talents, time and money in this meaningful event.   Muscians Dinh Trung Chinh, Hoang Viet Khanh and Nhat Ha also donated their CDs for the fundraiser.  All proceeds from the CD sale were donated to HopeToday.  THANK YOU to the audience for your donations and support.  THANK YOU to the volunteers and friends for making the fundraiser a success.

A second musical event by the same musician group is planned for February 26, 2005 in San Fernado Valley, California.  We will inform you of more details as they become available.

You can read more about Tinh Vao Dong on www.Nguoi-Viet.com.






Donations Received through NguyetHan.Com Music/Poetry Event

On September 24, 2004, HopeToday participated in a night of poetry and live
music entertainment, sponsored by NguyetHan.Com with a theme of Autumn in Your
Eyes.  This event was held in Westminster, CA for those who love music and
poems.  A total of $330 from the tickets sold after expenses was given to
HopeToday to help the orphans through our charity projects.  We also received
$1605 in donations from the attendees.

Thank you to NguyetHan.Com and ALL who have extended your hearts and hands in
our continued effort to provide HOPE for the needy.

To view pictures of the event, please click on the following link:


July 4, 2004 HopeToday Booth at TNTT Conference

HopeToday had an information booth at the TNTT Conference during the Fourth of July 2004 weekend at Chapman College in Orange, CA.  Many brochures about HopeToday were distributed.  Thank you all for stopping by and for visiting our booth.  Thank you to the organizer of the TNTT Conference for letting us use the booth free of charge.


June 26, 2004 HopeToday Appreciation Dinner
Ladera Ranch, California

"I want to thank everyone who works for Hope Today for a well-planned dinner last Saturday."  Mrs. Anne T. Le, Huntington Beach, CA 

Once upon a summer night, HopeToday volunteers held a dinner for our benefactors and friends to show our appreciation for their continued support.   What a memorable night we had!  We were touched by the slideshow.  We heard meaningful talks from our guest speakers.  Our spirits were lifted up by the live music entertainment.  We had great food.  We had lots of fun with the raffles and companionship.  It was a total teamwork effort.  Thank you ALL for making this dinner a successful one! 

We are very grateful for our guest speakers, Venerable Thich Chon Minh and Reverend Tran Duc Hung, for their presence, insights and sharing.  We would also like to thank singers Nguyet Han, Huong Tho, Dinh Trung Chinh, Marie Claire, Hanh Duong, Kim Cuc, the Awesome Angels and the band of Hoang Pham, Kevin, Vu, Dzoanh & Hoan Nguyen for providing terrific live entertainment.

Thank you to Melanie and Tom for hosting the dinner, Toan Nguyen for coordinating the shipment of the Vietnam photographs from Texas, Mr. Ba Nguyen for the flowers, Mrs. Anne Le for the food, Dr. & Mrs. Khiem Nguyen, Mr. Tom Vu, Saigon Bistro, Van Hanh Vegeterian Restaurant, Bun Bo Hue Gia Hoi Restaurant and Dr. & Mrs. Sam Hanlon for the door prizes, Calvin Do, Linh Nguyen, Hanh, Trang, Tuan, Khanh, Duyen, Johnny Le, John Wright, Quang Pham, Irene Khuc, Ngoc Anh, Kim Loan, Alex and all the children for providing much needed help throughout the Dinner.

Although the Dinner was not a fundraiser, HopeToday is grateful for the donations received from Mrs. Mai-Loan Le, Ms. Thanh-Huong Khong, Mrs. Marie Claire, Mr. & Mrs. Hien Luu, Dr. & Mrs. Khiem Nguyen and Mr. & Mrs. Thu-Thuy Doan and Bay Trinh.  

There are many others who supported the event.  We thank you ALL.  Without your help the Dinner would have not gone as planned.

Please check out the following website for the reflection of the Dinner:


Thanks to our volunteer Thu-Thuy Doan for taking pictures of the Dinner and post them on her website: 


From the bottom of our hearts we thank ALL of YOU for making our first Appreciation Dinner a memorable one.  See you at the next HopeToday event.

June 6, 2004 Car Wash Fundraiser

Our car wash fundraiser on June 6, 2004 at the Mobil Gas Station on the corner of Brookhurst St. and Warner Ave. in Fountain Valley, CA was a complete success.  A total of $933 was raised for the needy.  Many supporters not only brought their cars but also food and drinks for the volunteers.  Some even washed their own cars.  We thank you for your support and kindness.  All donations will be used for our humanitarian projects in Vietnam.  Thank you to the volunteers for your hard work, especially Michelle Tran for setting up this fundraising event.  We also would like to thank the owner of the Mobil Gas Station for letting us use the facility.







May-June 2004 Humanitarian Trip to Help the Orphans  

Two HopeToday associates (N.S. Duong of Tennessee and M.D. Le of North Carolina) are on a humanitarian trip to Vietnam the last week of May and first week of June 2004 to help the orphans.  Mr. Duong and Mrs. Le will bring aid and medical supplies to the orphanages.  Donations for the trip were made by our frequent and generous benefactors, Drs. Hien & Tien Pham of San Jose, CA.  Thank you Mr. Duong, Mrs. Le and Drs. Hien & Tien Pham for your kindness, generosity and sacrifices.  Please pray for the success of the trip and for the safe return of our associates.

April-May 04 Garage Sale Fundraiser in Seattle, WA

Our Seattle area volunteer, Mrs. Dzung Ngoc Doan, held garage sale fundraisers in April and May 04.  Thanks to her hard work and sacrifices, a total of $500 was raised for the needy.  



VNUK/HopeToday Partnership - Sao Asia Band Concerts in United Kingdom
In December 2003 VNUK Sao Asia Band, a group of young Vietnamese musicians living in the United Kingdom (England), held two concerts in Birmingham and London to raise funds for the poor in Vietnam.  In February 2004 a donation of more than $900 from VNUK was sent to HopeToday for charitable projects in Vietnam.  THANK YOU VNUK and Sao Asia Band for your support and dedication in helping the less fortunate.  We look forward to work with you in providing help, love and hope to the poor and needy in Vietnam.  TOGETHER we can make a difference. 
The web site of VNUK and Sao Asia Band is http://www.vnuk.net

HopeToday Volunteers in Viet Nam 

Three of our volunteers visited Viet Nam in November and December, 2003.  Their mission was to help the disabled, elderly and orphans in Quang Tri and Phuoc Long.  They also provided scholarships to the poor at My Tho and supported the orphans at Dong Nai.  Our Christmas Season was decorated with the true spirit of giving.  Thank you all for your continued support! 


July 4-6, 2003 Vietnamese Youth Convention (VYC) in Irvine, California

HopeToday had an exhibition booth at the VYC, which was held at University of California, Irvine on July 4-6, 2003.  Hundreds of brochures were distributed.  We are very happy that many youths were interested in Hopetoday services and projects.  Great job to our Volunteers!



July 12, 2003 Fund Raising in Pearland, Texas

HopeToday had a photography exhibition about Viet Nam in Pearland, Texas on July 12, 2003. Thank you to Lien Huong and Sam for their dedicated work.



Garage Sale Fundraising in Southern Orange County

 HopeToday had sponsored a Garage Sale on October 26, 2002 to raise funds for our Projects. Money raised for this event was $150. Great job to all Volunteers.


Garage Sale Fundraising in Seattle

Our volunteer member in Seattle had organized a Garage Sale on Saturday, May 4th. You know Seattle is famous for the Rain Festival, (it rains there all year long!). So yes, the rain did pour down but we still embraced the spirit to help the poor. We were able to collect $101 in sales. Thank you so much for those who helped in this fundraising event.

Car Wash Fundraising

We had our First Car Wash Fundraising Activity on Saturday, October 27th, 2001 at the 76 Gas Station in Orange County, California. It was a complete success and we had a splash of fun. We were able to raise $360. HopeToday had donated the money into our current project initiatives. Thank you all to those who have come out and helped us, especially the students from Huntington Beach High School and La Quinta High School!


Pictures from our Car Wash