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Welcome to our News page.  This page includes news about HopeToday.  We like to keep you up to date on our activities and services.  

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December 2010 Mission to Cambodia

Sunday, 3 October 2010 Luncheon Fundraiser
Tiệc Văn Nghệ Gây Quỹ "Một Cành Hoa Cho Người 3"

Thank you for generosity in supporting our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Viet Nam. Our “Một Cành Hoa Cho Người 3 – A Flower for You 3” luncheon at Emerald Bay Seafood Restaurant in Santa Ana, CA was a great success. We were able to raise $14,530.00 for the needy.

Please click on below link for pictures of the fundraiser:




Saturday, April 24, 2010 - Car Wash Fundraiser
Rửa Xe Gây Quỹ - Thứ Bảy Ngày 24 Tháng 4, 2010

10 AM -3 PM
7-ELEVEN Gas Station
15991 Magnolia St.
Westminster, CA 92683
(Corner of Magnolia and Edinger)

Please click on below link for pictures of the car wash fundraiser:http://picasaweb.google.com/HopeTodayVietNam/24April2010CarWashFundraiser#

Thank you for your support for the needy.


Tiệc Ghi Ơn và Mừng Xuân Canh Dần - 20 tháng 2, 2010 - 6:00 PM
Saturday, 20 February 2010 Appreciation Dinner and Tet Celebration

Pḥng Sinh Hoạt Việt Báo
14841 Moran Street
Westminster, CA 92683

Please click on below link for the pictures:



Sunday, 25 October 2009 Luncheon Fundraiser   

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! On behalf of our needy brothers and sisters in Viet Nam we would like to thank all of you for supporting our 25 October 2009 “Một Cành Hoa Cho Người II - A Flower for You II” luncheon fundraiser.  The event was a huge success due to the hard work, help and support of many.  Together we were able to raise $14,326.86 for the needy. 

Please click on below link for pictures of the fundraiser:

Saturday, Oct 3 , 2009  - Car Wash Fundraiser

Thank You 7-ELEVEN Gas Station, 15991 Magnolia St, Westminster, CA letting use the facility free of charge.  Thank You Radio VNCR for your help in spreading the word about the fundraiser.  Thank You to all volunteers, donors and friends for your gifts and help.  We washed a lot of cars and received a total of $1178.00 in donations.  This amount was used to help the recent flood victims in Viet Nam.

Please click on below link for pictures of the fundraiser: 

Link to pictures of the flood relief:



Sunday, July 12, 2009 Car Wash Fundraiser

Thank you All for your generosity and support in helping HopeToday raise $1030.00 for the less fortunate during our second car wash fundraiser of 2009 at:


7-ELEVEN Gas Station
15991 Magnolia St
Westminster, CA 92683 

Please click on below link for the pictures of the fundraiser:



9 tháng 5, 2009 –  Văn Nghệ Gây Quỹ “ Hè Sang Hy Vọng”

 A big Thank You to Mr. & Mr. Richard Truong, Hội Người Việt San Fernando Valley and all Performers for hosting the 9 May 2009 fundraiser concert in San Fernando Valley, CA.  We received $7,853.37 in donation for our charitable projects in Viet Nam.

 Please click on below link for the pictures of the fundraiser: 


April 18, 2009 Car Wash Fundraiser

The fundraiser was a huge success.  Many generous friends came out and support this meaningful event on a sunny and beautiful day in Southern California.  There were a lot of cars, but due to the great team work of the volunteers and friends making the hard labor fun and enjoyable.  We were able to raise $1460.00 for the needy in Viet Nam.   A big Thank You to 7-ELEVEN (corner of Magnolia St and Edinger Ave in Westminster, CA), Radio VNCR, VHN-TV, KSCI LA 18, Nguoi Viet Daily News, Vien Dong Daily News, Viet Bao Daily News, donors, friends and volunteers for supporting the fundraiser.

 Please click on below link for the pictures of the car wash fundraiser:


February 21, 2009 Appreciation Dinner
Tiệc Ghi Ơn và Mừng Xuân Kỷ Sửu - 21 tháng 2, 2009

 On 21 Feb 09 HopeToday hosted an Appreciation Dinner at Viet Bao Daily News in Westminster, CA to thank all of donors and supporters and to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  It was an evening filled with great musical entertainment and New Year celebration activities.  Thank You All for participating in the Dinner and for your help in serving the less fortunate:

 Please click on below link for the pictures of the Appreciation Dinner fundraiser:



December 6, 2008 Guitar Concert Fundraiser

Thank You to talented Guitarists Nguyen Thanh Khuong, Huynh Huu Doan, Dang Huy Hoang and Pham Hoang Dien for a wonderful evening of beautiful guitar music performance at Vien Dong Daily News in Westminster, CA.  The concert was a big success with a full-capacity, attentive and appreciative audience.  A total of $2363 was raised for our charitable programs in Việt Nam.  Thank You also to Tran Duc, MC Hien Nguyen, the Media and the Donors for making the event a memorable and meaningful one.

 Please click on the following links for the pictures of the fundraiser:

1) link 1
2) link 2

October 18 - Car Wash Fundraiser

Thank You to 7-Eleven at the corner of Magnolia and Edinger in Westminster, CA for providing free facility for the car wash fundraiser. Thank You to our caring supporters, friends and volunteers for your generosity, help and hard work. The October 18, 2008 car wash fundraiser was a fun and successful event. A total of $1025.00 in donation was received for the needy in Vietnam. Please click on the link below for the car wash fundraiser pictures



Spring 2008 - Newsletter

June 29th – Luncheon Fundraiser “A Flower For You”

We started the summer beautifully with our first organized Luncheon Fundraiser.  The theme “A Flower For You” signifies that we are like a garden of flowers, gather together on this day to bring hope, beauty and brighten up someone’s life. The Event was considered very successful with more than 300 guests attended.  We had an outstanding program which we have received so many positive feedbacks.  And best of all, we were able to raise $15,700.  The event was far the greatest fundraising achievement in our history.

HopeToday was also excited to have an opportunity to bring awareness about our work and commitment in serving the poor.  It was amazing and quite touching to see the Spirit of Giving from everyone’s contribution.

On behalf of the poor, HopeToday wants to express our gratitude for ALL who have come out and supported us in many ways.  Thank you also to those who could not make it to the event but still sent in donations.  Special thanks to the following individuals who have helped us with the program:

Musicians, Singers & Band Performers: Dinh Trung Chinh, Ngo Tin, Dino Pham Hoang Dung, Carol Kim, Tuan Dung,  Trung Hanh, Huy Tam, Phuong Loan, Nick Tran, Lindsey Do, Nam Hai, Natalie Nhung, Nguyet Han, Le Thang, Vu Danh, Cang Vo, Linh Tran, Thai Cam Huy and Quang Pham.

MC: Anh Dao & Thanh Luong

Fashion Show: Miss Vietnam USA - Yen Le, the models & Designer Jackie Tai

Dance Performances: Thy Phan, College Students from UCI & California State University, Long Beach

Photographer: Thai Dac Nha who donated two framed pictures for our auction

Artist: Le Thuy Vinh who donated a painting for our auction with the theme “A Flower For You”

We also would like to recognize our generous sponsors for this Luncheon Fundraiser:

Hoa Phát Remittance

(800) 531-6363

TAP’s Auto & Body Center

(562) 434-8958

Law Offices of David K. Tran

(714) 839-4077

ViệtNam Dịch Vụ - ODP & Immigration Services

(714) 531-3608

Nhà Hàng Chay Vạn Hạnh

(714) 531-4661

Topspin Tennis

(949) 653-6878

ABC Children’s Dental

(714) 516-9997



Qúy Văn Nguyễn, MD

(626) 573-9003

Seven Auto Services

(562) 434-3580

Central Café & One Dollar DVD

(626) 339-3030

B.S. Trần Đắc Di

(408) 272-9228

L.S. Nguyễn Xuân Nghĩa

(714) 892-2628

Homaz Builders

(714) 553-5606

Nguyên Phát Jewelry

(714) 898-6387  

Again, thank you for making a difference half way around the world!  Your continued support will enable HopeToday to continue to serve the needy.

Below is an article, written about the event from Vien Dong Daily News.
>> xem chi tiết



April 05 - Car Wash Fundraiser

Spring is in the air and it is an indication for a fresh, touch-up new look. Back by popular demand, we held another Car Wash Fundraiser on April 05th. Many came out to support and checked us out in action. We were able to raise $1182. Yeah!!! All profits from this fundraising event will go directly to help in our humanitarian projects in Viet Nam. Thank you ALL for your great support and help.  Please click on link http://picasaweb.google.com/HopeTodayVietNam/April5th2008HopeTodayCarWashFundraiser for pictures of the fundraiser and  (English - Vietnamese) for information.

March 15th – Garage Sale Fundraiser

HopeToday organized our First Fundraiser of 2008, A Garage Sale Fundraiser with SAP-VN Organization at Vien Dong Daily News in Westminster, California. Everything was a bargain and we had a good crowd coming out to purchase many items. A total of $170 was earned from sold items and donations. Thank you All who have donated items to HopeToday and special thanks to the volunteers for your hard work in helping out in this Event.
Please click on link
for the pictures of the fundraiser.

February 03, 2008 Tiệc Ghi Ơn và Mừng Xuân Mậu Tư (Xem)

HopeToday kính mời quí vị dự buổi cơm trưa thân mật tại Paris Dance Club vào lúc 12 giờ trưa, Chủ Nhật, ngày 3 tháng 2 năm 2008 để ghi ơn quí ân nhân, thân hữu và Cộng Đồng và cũng để mừng Xuân Mậu Tư. Chương tŕnh sẽ có thêm phần văn nghệ mừng Xuân và hái lộc đầu năm. Paris Dance Club toạ lạc tại số 10872 Westminster Ave., Ste 116, Garden Grove, CA 92843. Đây là buổi tiệc ghi ơn và mừng Xuân mới, không có mục đích gây quỹ. HopeToday xin chân thành cám ơn quí ân nhân và Cộng Đồng đă ủng hộ, đóng góp và tiếp tay với HopeToday trong các sinh hoạt gây quỹ và công tác từ thiện giúp đỡ các em mồ côi và những người nghèo khổ già yếu bệnh tật ở quê nhà những năm vừa qua.

Mọi chi tiết xin liên lạc HopeToday:
Điện thoại: (949) 215-6564
Email: info@hopetoday.org
Website: www.hopetoday.org
Địa chỉ: P.O. Box 2794
Laguna Hills, CA 92654

February 03, 2008 Appreciation Luncheon

HopeToday cordially invite all benefactors, friends and family to join us for an Appreciation Luncheon:

Sunday, 3 February 2008
12:00 Noon
Paris Dance Club
10872 Westminster Ave., Ste 116
Garden Grove, CA 92843

This is an appreciation luncheon to thank all of you, to celebrate Vietnamese New Year and to have fun. There will be musical entertainment and New Year celebration activities. There will not be any fundraising activities. We look forward to meet you and your family, to show our appreciation for your support and to celebrate New Year with you. Thank you for your help in serving the needy.


2007 News & Events

December 02, 2007 “Xin Hăy Cho Nhau Nụ Cười 2” Musical Fundraiser

HopeToday would like to thank Hai Ngoai Thi Ca and talented performers NguyetHan, Ngoc Mai, Natalie Thuy Nhung, Danvy, Pham Trong Tuyen, Hanh Cu, Nguyen Khanh, Nam Phong, Le Vu, The My, Mien Du DaLat, Ha Phuong, Uyen Diem, VK and Cathy, the Media Vien Dong Daily News, Nguoi Viet Daily News, Viet Bao Daily News, VietMedia, VHN-TV, SBTN, Radio Bolsa, Radio VNCR, RadioVNCR.com, freevn.net and Saigon TV, all Donors and Volunteers for a great fundraiser. A total of $1638 was raised for our charitable programs in Viet Nam. Please click on below link for the pictures of the fundraiser:


Please come and support our next fundraiser event on Sunday, 2 December 2007 starting 1:00 PM at Nguoi Viet Daily News (14711 Moran St, Westminster, CA). It will be an afternoon of musical entertainment hosted by Hai Ngoai Thi Ca and HopeToday.  Talented performers include NguyetHan, Ngoc Mai, Natalie Nhung, Danvy, Pham Trong Tuyen, Hanh Cu, Nguyen Khanh, Nam Phong, Le Vu, The My, Mien Du DaLat, Kim Dung, Ha Phuong, Hai Bo, Uyen Diem, VK and Cathy.  Admission is free.  Light refreshment will be served. For any questions, please contact:

Lisa Truong (714) 595-5813

Dung Vo (949) 215-6564

Mien Du DaLat: (714) 230-9632

Email: info@hopetoday.org

Please click on flyer for more info.  Thank you for your support.



September 29, 2007 Car Wash Fundraiser

Thank You to Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ghuman, the owners of 7-Eleven.  Thank You to Radio VNCR, Nguoi Viet Daily News and VHN-TV.  Thank You to all volunteers, friends and supporters. 

The September 29, 2007 car wash fundraiser in Westminster, CA was a big success not only in term of donations received, but also in the number of caring friends who came out to help and support.  It was a fun and meaningful event with outstanding teamwork among the volunteers, friends and supporters. A total of $988.00 in donation was received.  This amount will go a long way in helping the needy in Vietnam.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 

Please click on the link below for the car wash fundraiser pictures: 




August 25, 2007 – Classical Guitar Concert Fundraiser

On Aug 25, 2007 at Người Việt Daily News in Westminster, CA three guitarists Nguyễn Thanh Khương, Nguyễn Xuân Thao and Nguyễn Đức Đạt had a classical guitar concert performance to linger those last sweet summer days.  The fundraiser concert was very successful because so many people stayed until the last performance.  A special thank you for our talented performers, MC Uyển Diễm and ALL who supported HopeToday.  A total of $2634 was raised for our charitable programs in Việt Nam.  Please click on the following link for the pictures of the fundraiser:




June 2007 Humanitarian Trip to Vietnam

Ty T. Tran Hopetoday volunteer from Santa Rosa, California, was on a humanitarian trip in Viet Nam with other HopeToday volunteers Hoang Anh, Kim Son, and Tan Dinh. The group visited and helped the disabled, the lepers, the poor and elderly in Pleiku and Kontum  



June 02, 2007 “Xin Hăy Cho Nhau Nụ Cười” Musical Fundraiser

Thank You to Poet and Musician Miên Du ĐàLạt for hosting the “Xin Hăy Cho Nhau Nụ Cười” Musical Fundraiser.  It was a successful event.  A total of $2000.00 was raised for Hướng Về Tây Nguyên and HopeToday charitable projects.  Thank You to all performers, sponsors, donors, volunteers and the media for supporting this wonderful and meaningful event.  Your contribution will help ease the pain and suffering of the needy in Việt Nam.

"Xin Hay Cho Nhau Nu Cuoi" article.




April 15, 2007 Ngo Tin Musical Concert

Musician Ngô Tín, who has helped HopeToday in the Dec 2004 “T́nh Vào Đông” and April 2006 “T́nh Vào Xuân” concert fundraisers, had a concert “Em Bây Giờ Mắt Biếc” on April 15, 2007 at Majestic Club.  HopeToday helped out at the concert in hospitality team with the main focus of greeting and welcoming the guests.  Ticket for the concert was $40 each.  For every ticket sold by HopeToday, Musician Ngô Tín donated $10 to HopeToday.  We earned $330 through this fundraising event.  Thank you everyone who had purchased the tickets through HopeToday and thank you to Musician Ngô Tín for your support.




March 31, 2007 Car Wash & Bake Sale Fundraiser

Wow, we had a huge success at the Car Wash & Bake Sale on Saturday, March 31, 2007. It was wonderful to see the manpower, the smiles on everyone’s face and the endless line of cars.  As in previous years, the car wash was held at the same location at the Mobil Gas Station in Fountain Valley, CA.  But this time, we had to work even harder than before.... but it was all worth it!  Thank you so much for all of the Volunteers and Huy Tuong at Radio VNCR who helped in promoting the event.  A total of $1330 was collected to fund our charitable projects.  Please check out our pictures at the following link:










March 2007 HopeToday Spring Newsletter 

The 2007 Spring Newsletter has been sent out to all donors.  If you would like a copy, please contact us and we’ll be glad to send you one.


March 10, 2007 Garage Sale Fundraiser

Hopetoday participated in the Garage Sale Fundraiser on March 10, 2007 at Vien Dong Daily News in Westminster with SAP-VN, a nonprofit organization. We were able to collect $124 in sales for our projects in Vietnam. Thank you so much for those who helped in this fundraising event.

Please click on the link below for pictures of Garage Sale Fundraiser on March 10, 2007


January 20, 2007 Painting/Photography Exhibition 

Pho Nhom Club (PNC) and HopeToday held an exhibition of photographs by Pho Nhom Club (http://phonhomclub.com) on January 20, 2007 at Vien
Dong Daily News in Westminster, CA to raise funds for charitable projects in Viet Nam and to celebrate Tet. Thank you to Hoa Thuong Thich Chon Minh, Cha Nguyen Van Khan, PNC, Little Saigon TV, KSCI LA 18, chi Mien
Du Dalat, anh Huy Tuong of VNCR, chi Uyen Diem of Radio Bolsa NCD, anh Le Minh of Viet Bao, anh Le Hung Duc of V West Auto Body Repair, wonderful and talented performers Tuan Dung, Manh Ha, Andrew Lam, Tam Phan, Allen Vo, Phan Cong Toan, Hoang Pham of “The Stars” and all the donors for making the event a successful, meaningful and fun-filled one.  A total of $3380.50 was raised for the needy.  Please click on link below for pictures of this event.






 Please click on the below link for the past events