Project Rose


“Bike for Life”

HopeToday is providing bicycles to poor middle and high school students in remote regions outside of the city of Hue to help them in getting to school.  These bicycles enable the students to continue pursuing their educational goals for a better future. 





“Assisting the Disabled”

HopeToday is providing educational and trade training assistance to the blind youths in Quang Tri and the disabled youths in Ben Tre to help them assimilating into the society with skills to support themselves.


Providing trade training assistance to the disabled youths in Ben Tre



“HopeToday Scholarship”

HopeToday is providing scholarships to the students in the poor areas of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, Lam Dong, Pleiku, Sai Gon, Phuoc Long, Can Gio, Dong Thap, My Tho, and Ben Tre so that they may have a brighter future through education. 

Quang Binh Scholarship Recipients



Hue -Kim Long Scholarship Recipients


1. Cao, Bich Ngoc
2. Dao, Nhan Duc
3. Ho, Van Thoi
4. Le, Diem Hang
5. Le, Hoang Anh Khoa

       6. Nguyen, Thi Hang
       7. Nguyen, Hong Nhung
       8. Nguyen, Thi Phuong
       9. Nguyen, Ngoc Thien
     10. Tran, Thanh Vu

Hue - Van Do Scholarship Recipients

                    1. Doan, Dai Bang
                    2. Ho, Van Dan
                    3. Ho, My Lien
                    4. Ho, Thi Thuy
                    5. Ho, Thi Vui
                    6. Le, Thi Phuong Thao
                    7. Le, Thi Linh
                    8. Le, Thi Thuy
                    9. Luu, Minh Hieu
                  10. Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Anh
                  11. Nguyen, Van Chanh
                  12. Nguyen, Van Dai
                  13. Nguyen, Van Dieu
                  14. Nguyen, Van Em
                  15. Nguyen, Thi Ha
                  16. Nguyen, Thi Kim Loan
               17. Nguyen, Thi Linh
               18. Nguyen, Thi Ny
               19. Nguyen, Thi Thu
               20. Nguyen, Quoc Tu
               21. Nguyen, Van Tuan
               22. Nguyen, Thi Xuan
               23. Nguyen, Thi Xuan
               24. Pham, Thi Hong My
               25. Pham, Thi Thanh
               26. Phan, Huynh Khai
               27. Tran, Minh Tuan
               28. Vo, Thi Hang
               29. Vo, Van Phung
               30. Vo, Van Quang
               31. Vo, Van Quang
               32. Vo, Thi Xuan

Phan Rang Scholarship Recipients


1. Chau, Hong Hieu
2. Hua, Anh Binh
3. Kieu, Thi Khoa
4. Kieu, Kim Tuyen
5. Kieu, Nu Tan Phat

       6. Luu, Thi Diem
       7. Luu, Thi Ha
       8. Nao, Duong Yen
       9. Thanh, Quoc Dung
     10. Tu, Bach Quang Phi

Pleiku Scholarship Recipients


Lam Dong Scholarship Recipients

College Scholarship Recipients

             First Year

         Second Year Third Year
             Ho thi Xuan Huong          Nguyen thi My Dang thi Phuong Trang
             Le thi Phuong Mai          Nguyen thi Thanh Phan Dieu Trinh
             Le Bao Ngoc Quynh          Pham thi Tien  
             Nguyen thi Tram Anh    
             Nguyen thi Hong    


Phuoc Long Scholarship Recipients


Dong Hoa Can Gio Scholarship Recipients

An Long - Dong Thap Scholarship Recipients

1. Dang, Kim Tuyen
2. Dang, Thanh Long
3. Doan, Kim Sang
4. Doan, Thanh Phong
5. Huynh, Ngoc Thu
6. Le, Tuan Thanh

7. Le, Van Tam
8. Nguyen, Cong Chi
9. Nguyen, Duy Khuong
10. Nguyen, Mong Cam
11. Nguyen, Ngoc Thao
12. Tran, Be Tu

My Long - Dong Thap Scholarship Recipients

1. Dang, Hieu Thao
2. Huynh, Thao Ly
3. Lam, My Phung
4. Le, Thuy Kieu
5. Nguyen, Ngoc Anh
6. Nguyen, Phuc Huong

  7. Nguyen, Van Huynh
  8. Nguyen, Thanh Nhan
  9. Nguyen, Kim Phuong
10. Nguyen, Thu Thao
11. Nguyen, Anh Tuyet
12. Pham, Van Tinh

My Tho Scholarship Recipients

1. Bui, Anh Tuan
2. Le, Van Quan
3. Huynh, Thi Cam Huong
4. Pham, Hoang Van
5. Pham, Thi My Nuong
6. Pham, Thanh Phung

7. Phan, Thi Hoai Suong
8. Thach, Thi Bach Phuong
9. Tran, Bao Nhu
10. Tran, Minh Hoang
11. Vo, Ngoc Thuy-Duong





Ruong Tre Scholarship Recipients



1. Dao, Phuong Thanh
2. Dao, Thi Hoa
3. Dao, Thi Duoc
4. Dao, Thi Thanh Hong
5. Dao, Thi Truc Anh

       6. Dao,Van Hieu
       7. Dao, Van Thien
       8. Duong, Thi Kim Phuong
       9. Duong, Van Dung
     10. Ly, Minh Hiep