HopeToday is a non-profit charitable organization founded in the year 2000. Its specific purpose is to assist the poor and disadvantaged in Vietnam. HopeToday collaborates with other charitable organizations to provide essential services to the marginalized under strict standards of efficiency and accountability. The fundamental motivating call in all activities of the HopeToday is to nurture love and provide hope to the suffering.

In responding to this noble call, HopeToday gears its missions in the following ways:

Supporting programs that have long term effects, focused towards training and education for the youth and meeting the medical needs of the elderly particularly in remote areas of Vietnam.
Collaborating with other charitable groups of goodwill to strive for a better world.
Providing assistance to the poor to alleviate their immediate needs.

Andy Khoi Tran * Bao-Khanh Nguyen * Bay Van Trinh * Binh Nguyen * Chuong Nguyen * Cindy Le * Da Van Phan * David Hai Tran * Dinh Trung Chinh * Doan Bang Bui * Dung Vo * Dzung Ngoc Doan * Gary Reuter * Giap Dang Ho * Hien T. Pham * Hoa Luong * Hung Vu Tran * Huy Tuong * John David Wright * Julie Thuy-Anh Nguyen * Ken Loc Dang * Kent Khoa Dang * Khanh Vo * Kim-Binh Pham Loveless * Lan-Anh Nguyen * Lien-Huong Hanlon * Linda Nguyen * Lisa Phuong Luong * Lisa Truong * Melanie Thu Luong * Mien Du Da Lat * Minh Vuong * My Van Nguyen * Nam Doan * Natalie Thuy Nhung Le * Ngo Tin * NguyetHan * Nicole Tran * Paul Vu Nguyen * Phong Nguyen * Phu Phung * Sam Hanlon * Sy Vo * Thanh-Huong Khong * Thanh-Tuyen T. Nguyen * Thu-Thuy Trinh Doan * Thy Phan * Tien Manh Pham * Tom Vu * Tuyen Quang Nguyen * Ty T. Tran * Tya Thuy Le * Uyen Diem * Van Van Tran * Vivian Vinh Nguyen * Xuan Nguyen * William Ngo

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